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Okapi Medical: Developers of the Noninvasive Wound Closure Platform

Okapi Medical is developing a unique line of noninvasive skin closure devices. Okapi’s proprietary adhesive, Cutiva™, offers physicians with the most advanced method for simple, safe, and secure closures. Cutiva™ will offer a more comfortable option versus suturing, fewer wound complications, a secure bacterial barrier, and time and cost savings to providers.

Cutiva™ is not available for commercial sale and not cleared by the FDA.

Revolutionary, Strong Yet Flexible Solution for Wound Closure

Cutiva™ Topical Skin Adhesive

The product line, currently in preparation for its FDA 510(k) submission, consists of Cutiva™, the adhesive within a specially configured, ergonomic applicator. Designed to be held in one hand while being applied by the care provider, the adhesive is dispensed under the provider’s control for surgical site and wound closure. Okapi continues to file new patent applications, including one for the handheld applicator.

Cutiva™ Noninvasive Skin Closure System

Cutiva™Plus combines all the benefits of Cutiva™ adhesive with a surgical mesh. The addition of the mesh provides extra strength and eliminates the need for sutures. The mesh is placed on the skin and the adhesive is applied directly to the mesh, forming a reinforced, high-strength flexible barrier to better protect the surgical site while healing occurs.


Okapi has advanced Cutiva™ to the product demonstration stage and design freeze in preparation for FDA filing requirements. Studies indicate improved cosmetic results compared to suture and safety demonstrated both by histology and visual observation of skin reactions – and Cutiva™ laboratory tests show enhanced mechanical performance compared to existing adhesives.